"Family...A group experience of
love and support."

- Marianne Williamson - 

Broken Dolls Non Profit was founded in 2012 by Jennifer Travis Cox after the death of her daughter, Tiffany Lene’ Cox at the age of twenty four.  Tiffany was diagnosed with Lupus when she was only five years old.  She lived a full life in spite of the ups and downs that the illness brought.


After Tiffany’s death and the experience and knowledge of long term care of a child/loved one, she knew of the emotional and physical fatigue that moms and caregivers experience.  Her desire was to give these ladies just what they needed, which is a respite, time away from the ongoing responsibilities…just time to breath, and do something for themselves – take an undisturbed nap.


An amazing board was added of professional ladies that also have experienced both or either side of those we serve. After the board was established, the first retreat was in 2012. It was just what the doctor ordered.  Moms met other moms whose stories may have some differences, but the daily life task is very much the same.


Each year that followed brought more ladies, and she added a seminar to help the moms focus some time on caring for themselves.  To accomplish this, she brought in professionals, such as a Diabetic Nurse Specialist to teach diet, a Cardiology Nurse to enforce how stress affects your entire body, Fitness Specialist to show ladies what can be done while at home, and others professionals that would benefit the ladies.  We also added a monthly support group.  Since that time families who have lost a child is now part of Broken Dolls Non-Profit.  This arm is called “Gone Too Soon.”  For this group there is a workshop, support group and an annual “Gone Too Soon” luncheon for these families. This provides an opportunity for moms to mentor to other moms that are new with caring for their child long term; and moms that understand the devastating loss of a child.


We’ve had the pleasure of serving lunch at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas on two occasions, and doing crafts with the families for Christmas.  Also, we are honored that we have been able to give gifts to children at Texas Rite Hospital for Children – Dallas.

Jennifer has written a book titled Broken Dolls/Gathering the Pieces – Caring for Chronically Ill Children.  It is a handbook of lessons, and illustration to answer questions you may have. This book was written from real life experiences.


One of my favorite saying is from Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” My other favor saying is a scripture from the Bible “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Acts 20:35


Broken Doll Non-Profit is my passion, and it brings me so much joy. I don’t know of anything else I would rather be doing with my life. I know this is my calling, to make a difference in the lives of many moms. They not only experience firsthand someone who has not only experienced what they are going through; but also, someone who really cares for them.




Vision Statement

No Parent should Never stand-alone during the illness, or loss of a child.


Mission Statement

Providing parents of sick or deceased children with effective and practical survival tools that give hope,

support and direction during a difficult journey.

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