Broken Dolls Non Profit

Children are a gift from God!


Caring for my daughter, Tiffany has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Tiffany was diagnosed with  Lupus at the age of five. I could not believe what my ears were hearing.  “Your daughter has Lupus”.  I left the doctor’s office numb, but I had to quickly adjust to my new normal which included doctors visits, medications, test, hospital stays, and lots of changes at home and school.

I believe no parent should have to enter this new world alone.  It is too big, too different, and yes, too scary.   I put my experiences, lessons, trials, errors, and tips  in a book titled Broken Dolls/Gathering the Pieces—Caring for Chronically Ill Children. 


Broken Dolls Non-Profit Corporation was birthed from this life changing experience. My desire is to assist moms and parents that share similar life challenges. 

Blessed To Be A Blessing!

Jennifer Travis Cox

Founder & President

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Living Without The Ones You Love

"The Death of a Child"

There's nothing worse than losing a child. Jennifer Travis Cox recalls the pain she felt when it was told to her that her daughter passed away. In her book, Living Without the Ones You Love, Cox talks about the worst day of her life, how it effected her, and how she healed. Jennifer Travis Cox aims to reach out to grieving mothers and help them heal.

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