Broken Dolls Non Profit

Children are a gift from God!


Caring for my daughter, Tiffany has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Tiffany was diagnosed with  Lupus at the age of five. I could not believe what my ears were hearing.  “Your daughter has Lupus”.  I left the doctor’s office numb, but I had to quickly adjust to my new normal which included doctors visits, medications, test, hospital stays, and lots of changes at home and school.

I believe no parent should have to enter this new world alone.  It is too big, too different, and yes, too scary.   I put my experiences, lessons, trials, errors, and tips  in a book titled Broken Dolls/Gathering the Pieces—Caring for Chronically Ill Children. 


Broken Dolls Non-Profit Corporation was birthed from this life changing experience. My desire is to assist moms and parents that share similar life challenges. 

Blessed To Be A Blessing!

Jennifer Travis Cox

Founder & President

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